The Ancient Practice of Gua Sha

February 02, 2021

The Ancient Practice of Gua Sha

Gua sha is not just a trend, its benefits go beyond skin deep. Historical records of this technique can be seen to date back to the Palaeolithic age. When people fell ill, stones and items such as coins or tins were used to massage parts of the body to help reduce symptoms of their illnesses. Gua Sha has been widely used by the ancient Chinese and it was around 700 years ago during the era of the Ming Dynasty that the procedure was written into major medical records. Gua Sha was used in traditional Eastern treatments to give not only long term skin benefits but to treat the body holistically, promoting health throughout the bodily systems. Gua Sha is a Chinese word generally pronounced as Gwah-Shah. Gua means scrape and Sha means sand and a traditional gua sha treatment involves scraping the skin with a smooth edged tool which would bring blood to the surface causing sand like bruising after the treatment. Chinese medicine practitioners have long believed dormant/stagnant energy to be the precursor of many health conditions and so gua sha treatment was performed as it moves this stagnant energy and encourages the lymphatic system to expel toxins stored in your cells. It boosts the circulatory system and as the blood rises from the muscles to the skins surface, fresh, oxygenated blood rushes to the area, promoting better blood flow, strengthening the immune system and allowing healing to take place in the body


Facial gua sha is a more relaxing and gentle version of the traditional body technique and has been referred to by some practitioners as a holistic facelift. Facial gua sha can help cellular regeneration, increase blood flow, depuff the face, clear congested skin, ease jaw tension and reduce wrinkles. Facial gua sha treatment will also enhance your skincare regime as your products are absorbed more deeply into the skin. The gua sha tools have also been modernised and made from finer materials such as rose quartz and jade and are shaped to fit the contours of your face.


Facial gua sha is incredibly helpful for dry and dehydrated skin, aging skin and congested skin and it is very easy to add this treatment to your regular routine at home to bring you some amazing benefits.

To get started, firstly prep your skin with a hydrating face mist (clemence tone+hydrate spritz) followed by a facial oil (the jojoba company jojoba ultimate youth potion), this sets your skin up to have good hydration and slip. When using your facial gua sha tool make sure you use light pressure with slow, smooth, gliding strokes.


Follow the diagram below using an upward and outward motion.

Start from the neck area, move along to your chin, cheeks and around the eyes. As the skin is more delicate around the eye area, use much more gentle pressure than the other areas of your face.