A quick plan for an Only Pure customer.

July 10, 2020

A quick plan for an Only Pure customer.

Hi Sam and thank you for talking to us this morning.

The aim of this plan will be to support the body to detox and eliminate itself of toxins. Then to reduce inflammation in the body which will help settle skin flare ups and repair the gut lining to build immunity and help the body heal. Feel free to choose what products feel right for you and there are plenty of other options if things need to be changed. Once you see results you will reduce/change to a maintenance plan.

PPC Herbs liver plex- will support the liver to function and eliminate toxins

Fermentanicals Turmeric capsules- will reduce inflammation in the body and also contains probiotics

Essential Hemp hemp oil capsules - contains omega fatty acids which people with skin issues usually lack

Botanika Blends magikal mushroom mix- supports immunity and overall good health. It contains Chaga which in a study of 50 patients with psoriasis resulted in recovery for 76% of patients and general improvement in 16%.

We spoke of changing to natural personal care and household products this will also really help your skin to heal as they do not contain harsh chemical/preservatives/fragrances that are well known irritants to the skin. If you need any suggestions of which of these products to choose let me know and I can send you a list.

It’s also important to look at diet and try to eat clean whole foods and reduce anything processed.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Note: information given to customers is general in nature. A doctor should always be consulted for health related issues.