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Angela is a wife and mother of two gorgeous boys. With a passion for the environment and helping others to feel the best they can, Angela is dedicated to leading people towards a more natural and holistic lifestyle. After a long-term struggle with depression and anxiety, Angela found help and relief in natural and complimentary therapies. With the use of natural treatments, Angela also noticed a positive impact on conditions such as allergies, sensitivities and eczema. Through this new found love and appreciation of all things natural, Angela’s passion developed into a desire to learn as she discovered the extent of exposure we have to toxins and chemicals that are hidden in our everyday products.
Angela’s passion to rid the body of toxic and harmful chemicals also extends to the environment. This includes sourcing and endorsing plastic free products, promoting the use of biodegradable household alternatives and recycling and reusing wherever possible.
Now, with a profound knowledge of herbal medicine and natural alternatives after years of research and practice, Angela is hoping to educate and encourage others to transform the way they live to experience the benefits of improved health from within.
Angela is on a mission to promote natural health and well-being by providing a selection of amazing natural and organic products and remedies accessible to everyone.
Angela loves helping others and is online and available to provide advice on the best herbal remedies, skin care, beauty products, detox, clean leaving and more. Chat now for advice and consultation or subscribe to the Wellness Coach mailing list for regular coaching and advice on natural living from Angela and other Only Pure herbal consultants.

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