My name is Ange. A wife & mother with a passion for all things natural. 
Only Pure is a family business with a goal to bring together a curated and researched selection of products that are good for you and good for the planet. Passionate about products that harness the power of nature and with a strong focus on Australian made, organic, sustainable, and cruelty free products, Only Pure makes it easy for you to find natural, toxin free and zero-waste alternatives to your everyday personal and household items.   
Since childhood, I have suffered with eczema and dermatitis. As such, I developed an acute awareness of the effects that chemical laden products with hidden and often nasty ingredients can have not only on our skin but our health in general. After struggling with depression and anxiety, I turned to herbal medicine for a more natural, holistic approach to help manage symptoms when conventional mainstream medications were either not working or not necessarily healthy to take long term. As a result, my passion for herbal health grew and my focus turned towards learning more and helping others.   
After years of study, I now enjoy teaching my children and others about plants and how they can help support our body to not only heal but stay balanced and nourished for good, long-term health. By sharing knowledge gained over time through study, research and experience, I hope to help people feel their best and for them to establish a connection with nature as they learn to understand and feel what natural alternatives can do for their wellbeing.   
After having children, my passion for natural health and wellness expanded to the environment and preservation of the planet so that it is here for future generations to come. All packaging and fill used by Only Pure is biodegradable, recycled or re-used including biodegradable tape. 
Having worked in retail for many years, I know what it takes to give outstanding customer service and Only Pure prides itself on creating an exceptional shopping experience for every customer.   
We hope you enjoy becoming a part of our Only Pure community and enjoy making better natural choices for your health and our planet. 
I cannot wait to meet you in store.
  Health and Harmony Colleges – healthandharmony   Australian School of Herbal Medicine