Clean & Pure Lip Balm Manuka Honey 4.7g



There are plenty of lip balms based on petroleum derivatives such as paraffin and petrolatum. There are now a number based on natural ingredients, too. And then there are Clean & Pure lip balms, which are based on the very best natural ingredients for the maximum in hydration, nourishment and flavour. Not just olive oil but extra-virgin olive oil from the first pressing of olives from groves in Queensland and Victoria. Not just a little vitamin E but a lot, for smoother, softer lips. Not just beeswax but manuka beeswax from the same hives as the famously healing honey – and this version also includes a generous helping of the honey itself, providing not just added antiseptic and anti-inflammatory protection but a subtly sweet honey taste that’s just lovely on the lips.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Manuka Bees Wax, Manuka Honey, Vitamin E Oil.