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Clemence Organics Ultimate Biome Spritz


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We are a family owned business with a passion for health and wellness and a commitment to exceptional service.

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Clémence Organics Ultimate Biome Spritz (50ml) is a multi-purpose spritz that nourishes, tones and protects the skin from environmental elements. Probiotics help to protect the skins barrier, with the help of vitamin C rich Australian Kakadu Plum and Green tea extract, strengthening and improving the skins microbiome. The Hyaluronic acid in this formula stimulates collagen and helps retain moisture. With it's anti-inflammatory constituents, your skin will be soothed with the help of rose otto that gently tightens pores and balances pH levels. It rapidly restores dry skin, making it the prefect travel and beach companion.


Toning + pore tightening

Balances pH levels, maintaining skin’s delicate acid mantel

Soothes irritation + redness + puffiness

Rapidly hydrates skin – use for travel, sun exposure, air conditioning