Cryo Facial Freeze Tools by Gem


Bring the professional cryo facial experience home with the GEM Cryo Facial Freeze Tools, designed to depuff and awaken skin. The extreme cold temperature of these massage tools drastically helps to firm, tighten, reduce inflammation and strengthen skin.


Increases blood circulation 

Tightens pores and firms skin

Calms inflamed skin

Set of 2


Repeat each motion 10x in a row.

1. Starting in the centre of forehead glide tools out towards the temples.

2. Work over the arch of the brow outwards and then under the eye towards the hairline.

3. Starting next to the nose work out across the cheeks under the cheekbone towards the ears and continue working down the face to the jaw, always gliding up and out towards the ears.

4. Finish draining the toxins away by holding the tools under the ears and glide down the neck towards the décolleté.

5. Place the tools over your eye area for 10 seconds to depuff.

May be used in conjunction with a serum or balm.

Care Instructions

Made from stainless steel. After use, rinse with warm soapy water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Store in the fridge or freezer inside the case provided.