Fluorite Crystal Fairy

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Fairies are mythical creatures that exist in the folklore of many European cultures. While it's hard to pinpoint a single origin for fairies, they've existed in many cultures in various forms. Pagan beliefs trace the origins of fairies to the very beginnings of time before human beings walked the earth. They are believed to be as ancient as the sun and soil, and looked upon as creatures of great wisdom and mystical powers. With a strong connection to the elements of the Earth, fairies above all, are regarded as the protectors and caretakers of nature.

Fluorite is perhaps one of the most underrated crystals but also one of the most powerful. This stone is known to quite literally suck negative energy and low vibrations from a space or your body, and create room for the light to shine in. Used for auric protection, to raise your vibration, alchemize negative energy, and calming a chaotic mind. Fluorite is most known to stabilize the mind and amplify psychic connection and heighten intuitive power. This dynamic stone can be used when studying to clear the mind and sharpen focus. 

Crystals are naturally grown and so stones may vary in colour from those pictured. Crystal fairy approximate size is 80mm high. Each item is cleansed and infused with Usui Reiki light.