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Gelatin Health Skin Collagen


Why Only Pure

We are a family owned business with a passion for health and wellness and a commitment to exceptional service.

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Increasing skin moisture.
Improving skin elasticity 
Supporting general health and wellbeing of skin tissue
Providing structure to collagen network.


Soft Skin Collagen can assist with:

Reduction of wrinkles and ageing skin.
Firmer skin and elasticity.
Increasing skin moisture.
Creating softer, smoother skin.


Recommended Dose

2.5 grams (one heaped teaspoon) per serve.
Take once daily.
Cold or hot water soluble.
Can be sprinkled over food: added to breakfast, hot or cold, or anything you eat or drink.
Equates to 2.4 grams of protein per serve.

  • 100% Beef Gelatin.
  • 96% Pure Protein.
  • 4% Moisture (water and residual salts).