Gem Crystal Dome Bottle

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Crystal-infused water is water charged by the power of crystals. By placing crystals in a bottle, it gives back its energy into the water you drink.
Each crystal has unique properties such as lowering levels of stress, blocking negativity, and balancing emotions. You may also wish to set an intention with your crystals before use. 
Gem Crystal Dome Bottles are available in in 5 different options:

Rose Quartz Crystal / Rose Gold Lid & Base
Amethyst Crystal / Rose Gold Lid & Base
Clear Quartz Crystal / Rose Gold Lid & Base
Lapis Lazuli Crystal / Stainless Steel Lid & Base
Black Obsidian Crystal / 
Stainless Steel Lid & Base

All bottle come supplied with beautiful cylinder gift box.

Wash before/after use and dry all parts separately. 
Ensure glass dome is securely pushed onto base before each use.
Do not use if damaged or broken.

Contains small parts. Keep away from children.

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