Power Super Foods Lucuma Cacao Nibs 200g


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 Lucuma nibs are a delicious source of antioxidants, iron and potassium. Fairly traded and sustainably harvested, Lucuma Cacao Nibs helps create a wave of positive outcomes for small-scale Peruvian farmers through economic and social empowerment, whilst encouraging biodiversity and conservation.

Ways to enjoy

Enjoy as a delicious snack on its own, or sprinkled on muesli and cereals, smoothie bowls, yoghurt, ice cream and other desserts. Add to baking recipes as a healthier alternative to chocolate chips, melt into coffee and hot drinks or mix into smoothies for a boost of nutrition and sustained energy.

Origins of cacao & lucuma

Cacao is derived from the seeds of Theobroma Cacao tree, native to the equatorial regions of South America and prized by ancient Mayan civilisations for its ability to promote energy and mental clarity. Known as "Gold of the Incas", Lucuma has long been eaten and cherished by the ancient Peruvians where it was seen as a symbol of fertility and longevity and used as a medicinal aid for digestion.

An indulgent creation of organic cacao nibs with a chocolatey coating of cacao mass, yacon syrup and sweet panela (unrefined evaporated sugar cane juice) and a dusting of organic naturally sweet lucuma powder. Lucuma Cacao Nibs are a moreish balance of bitter, sweet and butterscotch flavours with a delectable nutty texture and crunch.

Organic Roasted Cacao Nibs (Theobroma Cacao), Cacao Liquor, Cacao Butter, Panela (Evaporated Whole Cane Juice), Yacon Syrup, Lucuma Powder.