Sodalite Crystal Angel Torso mini

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Crystal angels are very symbolic and wonderful as gifts. They offer the perfect opportunity to communicate with your guardian angel for guidance and protection, and can be used as praying angels, and for crystal healing, energy healing and angel therapy. The most common way to use your crystal angel is through meditation. Depending on your intention for your meditation session, you can use your angel for inspiration, guidance or for ideas around healing.

Sodalite is one of the densest and most grounded of the dark blue stones and is superb for meditation and deep journeying. It dispels mental confusion, stilling the mind to allow new information to be received, and brings an enlightened perspective on life. Sodalite increases consciousness, idealism, and striving for the truth, and eliminates guilt and fears better than any other stone.  

Crystals are naturally grown and so stones may vary in colour from those pictured. Each item has been cleansed and infused with Usui Reiki light. Approximate size per angel torso is 40mm x 40mm.