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Lion's Mane mushroom is a powerful medicinal mushroom and popular nootropic in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This incredible fungus benefits the brain, nervous system and immune system. It has been treasured and used for thousands of years throughout Asia as an edible fungus, health tonic, and mood-elevating tea elixir.


Our culture honours those who work their hands to the bone to the point of burnout. We wear that trait like a badge of honour in our society.

With constant social pressures to consistently perform and "always be on,” it’s no surprise that Lion’s Mane extract has attracted the attention of many elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and hard-working students to help lower inflammation and boost performance, mental acuity and focus.

The growing popularity of mushroom extracts cannot be denied.

With anti inflammatory health effects and its ability to boost antioxidant activity and activate brainpower (with no known side effects), use Lion's Mane mushrooms to smash your daily goals, perform at a high level and stay on top of your game.

Wild cultivated and 100% wood-grown Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) fruiting body. No added grains, fillers, starch or mycelium.