The Base Collective Reusable Silicone Ultra Infusion Face Mask


The only face mask you will EVER need, literally!

Our Reusable Ultra Infusion Silicone Face Mask is made from advanced silicone technology that locks in serums and moisturisers so they can do their job better than ever before.

It’s also non-porous and prevents evaporation, which means your skincare is more effectively absorbed every time and what's even better is you can say goodbye to disposable sheet masks that pollute the environment, and hello to a single mask that you can use again and again and again!

Not only does this product intensify the environment for your skincare but you are helping to solve the problem of disposable, single-use sheet masks being the new plastic straws in that the waste they produce is significantly contributing to landfills.


One size fits most.

What's included:
1 x Reusable Silicone face mask (one size)
1 x Reusable face mask keep case
4 x 5ml The Base Collective Glow Restore Triple Serum