The Heart Centred Herb Company Tonic + Triumph x 14 Tea Bags


Tonics are to tone and uplift, they resource your own inherent strength. They are to restore you. You are a powerful being, a human being, made to adapt, manage and persevere. There is no completely safe place in this world, the fish are not safe in the sea, but you do not need to be so safe, you only need to be your ready, resilient and resourceful self. I believe in you. That you may get worn out, that you may know defeat and disillusion, that you may want to give up is normal, I hear you, none of us escape, life is here, to alter you. A life that perhaps could be kinder, but a you, a you that can revive and return stronger. This is the triumph you were made for. Connect to your true power, revel in this found support. This is Tonic+Triumph.