Zk'in Organic Soothing Hand Cream (50ml)


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Zk'in Certified Organic Soothing Hand Cream for to Nourish and Soothe your Hands.
A protective shield that nourishes and soothes irritated hands with natural hard-working ingredients and clinically proven skin repair actives.

An organic extract from Cotton Thistle (Gatuline® Skin Repair Bio) promotes in-depth skin regeneration, replenishes strength and firmness and leads to the effective repair of damaged skin.

Daily application for 7 days resulted in a 30% reduction of epidermal water loss**. Fast absorbing organic Cocoa Butter provides the double action of its protective lipid layer to reduce water loss and weather damage, while its high levels of Vitamin E and Oleic and Stearic Acids improve moisture retention, skin flexibility and repair.

The ancient healing and protective properties of organic Colloidal Oatmeal relieve inflammation and itchiness while shielding the skin.

Nourishes and soothes irritated hands
Reduces epidermal water loss
With Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Cotton Thistle Extract
For soft hands and nourished nails