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Stand out from the rest with these eye-catching, bold and beautiful eyeshadow palettes! Our Organic and Vegan Certified shimmer and metallic shadow shades will leave your eyes nourished while giving you the confidence to shine!

Our newest, gorgeous talc-free eyeshadow powders will help you achieve the most striking, vibrant eye-looks while protecting the delicate skin around the eyes. Our eyeshadows are handcrafted with the cleanest and purest ingredients to ensure it is safe even for the most sensitive of eyes. The floral infusion of Rose, Chamomile and Jasmine in each eyeshadow will soothe the eyelids while delivering a lightweight and buttery touch. Green Tea, Witch Hazel and Jojoba Oil are blended in the powders to provide the deep nourishment that our eyes need. Our palettes are made to spark beauty inspiration for beautiful eyeshadow creations that will stun everyone with just one look. Embark on your journey to making every day organic with Zuii’s stunning eyeshadow palettes!