BioBag Compostable Resealable Food Storage Bags - 20 Bags



It can be a lot of work to get the whole family sorted with a packed lunch and snacks first thing in the morning. The last thing that you need is to worry about is what to put the kids' sandwiches and fruit in, and those healthy nuts and seeds that you love to snack on to stave off the temptation of chocolate in the office in. Enter these handy resealable food bags!

Perfect for holding any kind of food that you may need to consume on the go, these bags are perfectly safe as they are constructed from BPA-free materials. They're also perfect for leftovers that would otherwise turn into unrecognisable mush in the refrigerator, and they can be reused and resealed as many times as you need.

And why stop at food? Let your imagination run wild and use these handy bags for lego, hair ties, your beauty essentials when travelling, keeping loose screws and nails tidy around the house and turning that messy drawer into an organised dream.

What's more, as is standard with BioBag goods, they're completely biodegradable! This ensures that, rather than sheepishly tossing food waste in the trash, you can use it as compost - without even removing it from the bag. Saving the planet as well as keeping your lunch and snacks fresh and tasty? That sounds a like a pretty sweet deal to us!