Preserve POPi Shave 5 Replacement Blades , 4 Blades



Preserve Shave 5 Replacement Blades are just what you're looking for if you're in that annoying situation where your Preserve POPi razor has a blunt blade. Compatible with Preserve Shave 5 Razors and POPi Preserve 5 Shave Razors!

Preserve are pioneers in using recycled plastic in their products, so pop your replacement blade on your Preserve POPi razor and be kinder to the planet with each stroke.

When you buy POPi SHave 5, you'll be preventing the production of yet more virgin plastic.

25% of the products of POPi products sold will be donated to non-profits that work to clean up oceans and beaches, support marine conservation and research plastic pollution. Mother Earth and her oceans will truly be thankful.