CRYSTAL WORRY STONE - Serpentine 1piece



Sold individually. Being a natural product from the earth each stone will differ.

Worry stones are wonderful little amulets. Made to fit in the palm of the hand and with indents for fiddling, these crystals help you to channel your energy in the best of ways. You can sit with them when feeling overwhelmed or in need of answers or stash them in your pocket to carry plenty of luck.

Serpentine is associated with Kundalini energy and is also known for helping to bring inner wisdom and for boosting your spirituality. It helps to clear the fog around the chakras and brings you beautifully into alignment - working on each of the seven chakras so there’s a full and clear flush of energy. If you have any psychic gifts, the Serpentine Worry Stone will help nurture and strengthen these skills.

This stone is famed for helping you to step into a space of rejuvenation and rebirth, it invites you to release what you no longer need and make space for that which will serve you in the next phase of life.