Heart Radiance (Australian Wild Flower Essences) Awaken Spray Mist 100ml


Awaken spray mist resonates with the Sixth chakra engaging you with your Inner Wisdom and attuning to your Higher Self. Opens you up to your intuition so that your body is in tune with your mind and the ‘present’ moment.


  • Indecisive, unsure of yourself
  • Powerless, lacking confidence
  • Focused on materialism but yearn for more meaning in life
  • Don’t know how to slow down and take time out
  • Periods of transition

Healing Outcomes:

  • Enhances spiritual awareness
  • Confidence in yourself and your decisions
  • Opens up intuition and awakens to the present moment

HeartRadiance Essences: Apostle Plant, Seeing Eye and Wild Iris.
Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences: Azeztulite and Rosophia.
Organic Essential Oils: Sweet, herbaceous Lavender, with floral herbaceous Clary Sage and refreshing Rosemary.

Contains natural preservative and purified spring water.

Close your eyes and spray gently around your head and body whenever needed. Breathe deeply.

Household Use
Mist around the house or in spaces that require an energetic transformation. Great for shared spaces and in groups of people.