Heart Radiance (Australian Wild Flower Essences) Protection Spray Mist 100ml


Protection spray mist resonates with the Fourth chakra opening the heart to loving interactions, whilst at the same time protecting from negative energies.


  • For feeling unsafe and impacted by negative energy

Healing Outcomes:

  • Feeling safe
  • Dispels negative energy coming from others leaving you free, open hearted and fearless
  • Taps into your inner strength and courage

HeartRadiance Essences: Ajuga, Cordyline, Lantana and Storm Lily.

Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences: Moldavite and Celestite.

Organic Essential Oils: Deeply exotic jasmine combined with sweeter Lavender and woody sandalwood.

Contains natural preservative and purified spring water.

Close your eyes and spray gently around your head and body whenever needed. Breathe deeply.

Household Use
Mist around the house or in spaces that require an energetic transformation. Great for shared spaces and in groups of people.