Heart Radiance (Australian Wild Flower Essences) Quiet Mind 30ml


The stress essence. Supports inner peace and calm. Helps quieten the conscious awareness so that the heart awareness can hear the silence. Accesses the sage within. Allows angelic protection while the aura is open during meditation, grounding while your head is in the light, and opening to higher consciousness. Helps align with the 2012 frequency shift from the linear mechanical paradigm.


  • Racing thoughts, can’t meditate, feeling anxious or agitated
  • Difficult decision-making, constantly feels unresolved.
  • Fears of sleeplessness

Healing Outcomes:

  • Supports you gaining inner peace and serenity
  • Relaxes and quiets your racing mind so that sleep comes easily, and calm prevails in your life
  • Access your intuitive intelligence through an unruffled heart

Ingredients: Purified water, Brandy, Vibrational Flower Essences.

HeartRadiance Essences: Ajuga, Apostle Plant, Blue Mink, Dandelion, Freckle Face, Seeing Eye, Verbena, White Wandering Jew & Wild Iris.

Place seven (7) drops of Dose Essence directly under the tongue, twice a day or as required.