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Many sufferers of respiratory problems have begun to breathe easier, thanks to the Nirvana Organics Himalayan Salt Inhaler. Nature’s hidden treasure; selected Halite Salt Crystals from the Himalayan region have been unearthed from salt deposits formed 250 million years where a primal ocean once existed. Salt Pipe Therapy which is 100% natural and effective has been recommended by health practitioners around the world to help alleviate asthma, allergy and sinus symptoms – the natural way.

Our wholesome and holistic salt is used by many today as a pure and simple solution for better breathing. Renowned to contain 84 elements essential for good health and life, our salt is of the highest quality available, and is hand-mined and free from modern day pollution. Allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they may be able to alleviate their symptoms, revitalize their system, and reduce their reliance on over-the-counter medications.

  • Highest Quality Himalayan Halite Salt in an easy to use ceramic salt-pipe inhaler
  • Enjoy the benefits of salt-cave therapy without leaving your home, and finally breathe as nature intended!
  • Just 15 minutes use daily has been shown in many studies to reduce respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, sneezing, snoring, hay fever and sinus pain.


Purified water,*Certified Organic botanical blend of Lavender, Marigold, Rosehip, Burdock Chamomile, Horsetail (herb), Organic Safflower oil, Biodynamic Avocado oil, Biodynamic Macadamia oil, Grapefruit seed extract, Australian bush extracts of Kakadu plum, (*Australian Certified Organic P3059);, Decyl glycoside (sugar derivative), Alpha Olefine, Aloe Vera, SOY Lecithin, Organic jojoba oil, Organic Locust bean gum, Guar Gum, Olive Leaf extract & Hydroxymethlglycinate, Sea Salt, Citrus seed extract, Rosewood essential oil, Sweet ALMOND oil.