NUFERM Mould Aroma Gel (Room Sanitiser) 75g


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Eliminate all your mould and mildew worries with this handy little container of NuFerm Mould Aroma Gel Room Sanitiser, leaving your space smelling fresh and clean.

Forget about those bright coloured bulky containers that look ugly and draw attention to your mould problems. NuFerm Mould Aroma Gel Room Sanitiser comes in a small, white, discreet container that easily fits into any space and doesn't require batteries or electricity. Best of all, this natural gel won't spill like some other mould removers do if accidentally tipped over.

NuFerm Mould Aroma Gel Room Sanitiser is made in Australia using organic and natural ingredients along with powerful essential oils that work their magic to rid your house or office space of mould spores, mildew, bacteria and odours.

Simple to use, just remove the safety seal and place in desired locations throughout your home or work space such as under sinks and vanity basins, in linen cupboards and laundry areas. Great for filing cabinets too to keep important papers fresh and mildew free.

NuFerm Mould Aroma Gel Room Sanitiser should be kept out of reach of children and animals.