Plants of Power - Cultivate your garden apothecary and transform your life


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Plants of Power is a modern guide to the foundational plants you can grow in your own garden apothecary. Reconnect with the natural world, discover age-old wisdom and tap into the power of plants to help us, whether for mood, healing, love or other aspects of our lives.

  • Discover 66 amazing easy-to-grow plants that can change a garden - and a life!
  • Detailed information and growing advice on 66 Plants of Power.
  • Discover the history, mythos, magic and medicinal benefits of these plants.
  • Fantastic recipes and plant projects to try.
  • Planting guide by the seasons gives you the best chance of growing success.
  • Learn all about wild foraging.
  • A treasure trove of tips on successful propagation and cultivation.

Join Stacey Demarco and Miranda Mueller for a stroll through the seasonal wheel of growing, foraging and harvesting these most powerful plant allies, whether for medicine, food or a little touch of magic.

Getting your hands in the dirt has never been so much fun!

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