SuperFeast Tongue Scraper


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Tongue scraping is a ritual that we cannot start our day without. This is why we have introduced these 100% copper tongue scrapers to the SuperFeast range. Tongue scraping works by gently but thoroughly removing accumulated ‘ama’ or toxicity, from the mouth. You know what they say, once you've scraped you'll never go back.

In all seriousness, the tongue scraper is the best thing that you’ll ever do for yourself. It’s designed to be used first thing on waking - do your ablutions, head to the bathroom and scrape your tongue, gently but thoroughly, using 10 scrapes. Rinse your mouth (bonus points for saltwater rinse), spit, and perhaps do some oil pulling if you so desire. Copper is said to support the healthy bacteria in your mouth.


100% copper stamped with SuperFeast sigil in cloth carry bag.