Winter is here! Stay protected.. Naturally..

June 14, 2021

Winter is here! Stay protected.. Naturally..

It’s that time of year again, winter is here and its time to boost our immune system and help protect our body from everyday colds and flu and other viruses which seem so prevalent at this time of year.

The immune system is the body's natural defence against infection. It keeps a record of every germ it has defeated so that it can recognise and destroy it if it enters the body again. Abnormalities of the immune system can lead to allergic diseases, immunodeficiency and autoimmune disorders.

The immune system is not a single entity. The main components include white blood cells, lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow and thymus. To function well, the whole system requires balance and harmony.

Everything we do in life will either strengthen or weaken our immune system. Certain lifestyle factors such as nutritional deficiencies, lack of, or poor-quality sleep, stress, pollutants, toxins and heavy metals, alcohol consumption and smoking will all contribute to a weakened immune system.

There are many natural remedies available to us that will boost our immune system and give our bodies the strength they need to help prevent illness.

Some of our favourites at Only Pure include

PPC Herbs Immune Plex may improve and support immune functions, help the body adapt to stress and relieve symptoms of cold and flu.

Comvita Olive Leaf Extract is a powerful antioxidant with 5 x antioxidant activity than Vitamin C. Studies show that the extract interfered with a viral infection becoming established and or spreading.

Teelixir Mushroom Immunity is a uniquely balanced blend of 8 certified organic mushrooms that work to build and fortify the strength of the body’s defence shields.

KiwiHerb Children’s Echinature maintains healthy immune function and may reduce the severity and duration of colds.